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Terre Haute, Indiana
Louisville, Kentucky

Authorized Page Plus Dealer

If you own a deactivated (disconnected) Compatible (Verizon Based) CDMA cell phone, not a prepaid phone, We can activate it for you on Page Plus Prepaid Cellular with the lowest per minute rates in the country, No Daily Fees and No Contract. ..includes $2 in Free minutes

Standard Activation only $5.99

No Phone is included and Nothing is shipped to you. New activations only...WE DO NOT PORT NUMBERS

Will My Phone Work? it must meet these requirements:

  • Your phone must be a Verizion Wireless or Amp'd Mobile phone (except Amp'd Motorola e816)
  • Verizon Prepaid or Verizon Inpulse phones ARE BANNED amd cannot be activated on Page Plus
  • iPhone is banned and cannot be activated on Page Plus
  • Not currently activated with any service and completely out of any other carriers system - Your previous carrier can take up to 3 to 6 months to release your phone from their system completely after you cancel, you should call your old carrier to be sure. If you switched your post paid service to a new phone your old phone should be ready to activate on Page Plus immediately
  • Not reported Lost or Stolen or Blacklisted for nonpayment - all phones are checked by Page Plus before they are activated to be sure they are not on the "Hot List" (lost or stolen) or "Negative File" (owing a balance on a contract) and they will be rejected if listed - No refund will be issued.
  • Ability to accept OTA automatic programming - Some used phones may have software issues that prevent standard automatic programming, we are not responsible for phone issues and we cannot assist in manual programming.
  • Fully Functional - Your phone must be fully functional, you must have the ability to dial numbers and generate DTMF tones, please test your phone by calling 611 and try the "store locator" if you are given that option, to test your mic, buttons and tones.

Phone from: Alltel, Sprint, AT&T, Cingular, T-mobile, Nextel, Virgin Mobile, Tracfone, Cellular One, Net10, Movida, Jolt, Disney Mobile, Boost Mobile, Telus, Rogers, Cricket, Leap, US Cellular, ESPN Mobile, Metro PCS, Revol, Centennial, Unicel, Bell, Fido, Helio, 7-11 Speak-Out, Petro, Movilisto, Amp'd motorola e816,
and All Blackberry phones,

What Else I need to know:

  • Page Plus Refill minutes are available in many stores Nationwide or can be purchased online with a credit card through links on our web site or by calling #737 on the phone.
  • Data - Page Plus currently offers Data support only on approved phone models, you may not be able to download ringtones or send or receive pictures on your phone, we cannot assist with or supply settings, although most Verizon phones will work without modification.
  • New Number - You will get a new phone number - We will NOT port your old number

We do not offer refunds for activations that fail. When you attempt to activate a used phone online you are taking a chance that your phone will work perfectly as new and accept the new programming needed to make it function with this service. Since we do not have possession of your phone we can not inspect or manually program your phone or assist in the process. With this limitation we cannot guarantee your activation will succeed although our activations are successful over 95% of the time when the phone requirements above are met. We will be doing equally as much work attempting to activate your phone whether it works or not. For this reason we do not give refunds, however we will keep a credit for you.. You are assuming all responsibility and agreeing with our "no refund" policy if you choose to proceed.

How Do I Order:

STANDARD Activation $5.99 - Standard Activations may take us up to 24 hours, We will email your new number when it has been processed

  • Make sure you understand our "NO REFUND POLICY" read it above.
  • Make sure your phone is compatible
  • Pay with Paypal (you can use your credit card) click "Pay Now" below
  • You will be taken to our order form after you pay
pay now
  • after payment you must submit our order form with your phone information, click here for our order form
  • Watch your email for instructions to set up your phone to use this service - You should have this within 24 hours .
  • If you have any problems contact us at - we try to respond quickly to all problems